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Why we are here...

Our mission is to help individual or group of individuals learn bookkeeping and earn well through bookkeeping in a short period of time.

There are many people out there working as a bookkeeper for a very long time but unable to earn well. We will help them earn more without leaving their profession as a bookkeeper.

Other people are out of school youth, undergraduate, unemployed or senior citizen who do not have time to go to school and learn and thus do not earn.

But if they are trainable, hardworking and willing to learn bookkeeping the proper way, we will assist them to become a bookkeeper in public practice.

Unfortunately, research shows that most bookkeepers in the company know very little about their role, rights and accountability. Some bookkeepers think that they are already a bookkeeper the moment they prepare the voucher payable and record the content of such voucher.

That’s why Yzah Rubaya, founded Bookkeeping Schoolhouse. This is a successful online educational institution for persons who want to learn bookkeeping and later, own a bookkeeping firm and become an entrepreneur.

A committed and generous entrepreneur and has help potential bookkeepers to become a great bookkeeper in a short period of time.

A loving mother to her daughter. Loves to cook, eats cake, read books, play with children, manicure her mother’s fingers and feed her three cats.


What they say about our guide

This ebook 'The great bookkeeper' clearly explain the role and importance of a bookkeeper in a Company and accounting cycle. And as an OFW for 13 years, working in accounting dept as secretary then later on accounting assistant although I'm not an Accountant, this book help me to understand more the importance of my work as a bookkeeper.

Raquel Santos


Mathematics gets pretty complicated for me and I am not good as others. As a student of Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Information System, this eBook “The Great Bookkeeper” helps me to learn and giving more insights about the bookkeepers and its importance. Likewise, because of this book I came to understand and gained additional knowledge on what are the traits of a good and effective bookkeepers that I can use in the future in my professional career.

Alexander Salva